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    What Love Matters really offers is trust and safety. Obviously Love Matters does not issue virginity certificates -which some Arab doctors do mind you. Love Matters isn’t here to resolve others’ emotional and sexual dysfunctions for them.

    It has not been an easy job to coordinate the site and co-found. How do you start referring to sex to a audience that has not had proper sexual education, nor a significant vocabulary to spell out reproductive parts of the body? Where does one start when combating the countless myths and misconceptions about sex and sexuality?

    An average reaction from fellow journalists who have been following launch of Love Matters Arabic just couple of years ago. Because that’s not what Love Matters is designed for.

    In the region where sudden expenses of the population is under Two-and-a-half decades old enough and receive little or no sexual education at home or school, it has an enormous must find solutions to personal questions about the body, reproductive health, sexual feelings. In Egypt by way of example, the state curriculum offers 14-year-olds a lesson in human reproductive biology. It is no surprise then that most from the participants inside our focus group discussions in Cairo named pornography for their number 1 resource on sex.

    Love Matters Arabic can be an online platform with corresponding social websites pages that address love, intimacy, relationships, and all things in between. Our target audience is young Arabs, married and unmarried, between your ages 18-30.

    What Love Matters really offers is trust and safety. Of course Love Matters will not issue virginity certificates -which some Arab sex doctors do incidentally. What we did with this young woman was offer her comfort, saying, one: the hymen will not equal virginity, two: you’ll find women born without hymens, and three: its not all women bleed during first time sex.

    What keeps me going each day with Love Matters? Oahu is the appreciative comments and questions from my audience. Love Matters isn’t here to unravel others’ emotional and lack of staying power on their behalf.

    A standard reaction from fellow journalists who had been following a launch of affection Matters Arabic just two years ago. Because it’s not what Love Matters is designed for.

    Being a woman, whenever you develop within a society that expects one to remain "pure" as well as a virgin until marriage, people become creative. A great deal of unmarried and young couples have outercourse (sex without penetration). For them it is just a "safe" approach to enjoy their acquiring to break social norms that prohibit sex before marriage.

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